Product Design

Designing a new IA and UX based on a prioritised hierarchy of user needs and working towards a refreshed complementary UI whilst the brand evolves it's identity.

Try to make it as much of a case study as possible, with a reason, action and results.

-Brief description of Hive transformation (Reason for me)


My role
- Description of why i was needed (My role: it started with being challenged to review the current experience and how the team can design with coherence and consistency, to why i suggested to my manager about re-aligning the focus on design work for the team, ways of working in the team, design and development) to support this change (top level customer pain points?)
- summary of work i did, based on the UX Plan: Current IA, concept IA, Home, Schedule designs, schedule user journey based on new concept IA, smaller tasks such as de-briefing usability tests for design changes, contributing to the overall UX.

Portfolio example:
- Before IA, for iOS/And and Web
-Talk about usability testing to understand current experience and pain points around it, what user needs told us about re-forming
-Show research
-New IA for iOS
-Home/Schedule wireframes
-Listing of each product's top interaction
-Home/Schedule prototype
-Refreshed design, final concept

-Moving forward the team is doing a lot more testing
-How I helped the team in terms of design process and their next steps?

How a simple smart home proposition by British gas evolved into an economy of products for the home, that needed to refine and adapt it's UX for lifestyle customers.

  • Working with a talented user researcher, evaluating the product
Hive UX Strategy
  • Here we are (Proposition)
  • How customers see us now
    • Customer reviews
    • iOS/Android reviews
    • User needs review from interviews
  • Where Hive wants to go (Business requirements)
  • Measurement framework
    • How we will measure success
    • How we know who are customers are
  • A vision of that experience?

Portfolio: Change thumbnail to new design
  • Role: Improvements
  • UX Strategy
  • UX Strategy Examples:
    • How we have improved and measured UX
    • Current Hive design
    • Re-brand
    • Example of that design
    • Sketch files
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